The Paradoxx

from Watch Kulagina by 206collab




[E] when they [F] discovered they had electricity on stage
[E] they pulled the power plug [F] then lit the city on holidays
[F] a homage [E] fromage [F] they [E] who's us
[E] brought the sun back to Earth [F] dark ages shut
[E] amazing [F] shut the sky in absorb the light
[F] and then a cloud out to draw the blind and then
[E] ay you the self absorbent type?
[E] I donate my foresight to draw the blind
[F] Man lend a pencil let me draw the blind
[F] pretend you ain't prick like porcupine?
[F] it's in our power don't deny us this
[A] since we shut Valhalla gave the Vikings shtick


[T] a voice sweet but firm that delivers a sting
[E] you're right Flip let's combine for this
[T] to balance the stakes it's the calm that she brings
[F] but my power's all blocked like some sinuses
[T] to return heads from clouds feet to ground and clarify everything
[F] ah shit my mum's calling gotta pike that's it


it's the paradox of life
man is day and woman night
and the powers he describes
are devoured with the light



[E] when they bring the racquet Fedora won't play
[E] command the sands of time [F] and mould mountains with clay
[E] I killed Freddy in his dreams [F] our oppositions just fade
[E] even 300 Spartans at Athens Gates ran away
[E] ay Flip tell'em [F] what? [E] about the powers that be
[F] don't be pissed but that shit's powered by me
[F] Aiyyo Eno tell'em [E] what? [F] about defeating Goliath
[E] yeah I took the name David planned on keeping it quiet
[E] some choose to riot [F] others stand amazed
[A] hands raised crazed [E] we stand accused of being a cult
[E] so what I bring the thunder and you the lightning bolts
[A] I feel a jolt [E] why am I powerless to this assault?


[T] the switch of perspective quick transfer of blame
[E] how does she do that? the transfer of pain
[T] a means of distraction your points start to fade
[F] it's pointless disjointed energy drained
[T] from your own words twisted her defense is made
[E] twisted tongue-blistered ex got me again


it's the paradox of life
man is day and woman night
and the powers he describes
are devoured with the light


[E] now we keep face in the face of ineptitude
[E] and play with others' heads like this a game of [F] Guess Who?
[E] it's Eno [F] and Flip+Skip [E] two hedonists
[F] who bred hubris in the name of heroics
[E] with test tubes [F] think we bounded by greed?
[E] how many times we wound the world back in your hour of need?
[F] two puppet masters that these doubters cabn't see
[E] besides this beauty and the kudos that she's showering me


[T] a few tricks up her sleeve to get just what she needs
[E] her admiration is devouring me
[T] soldier brought to his knees with a smile and tease
[F] yo E this girl's empowered not the power that be


[E] fuck it I know beyond the compliments from her lips that
[E] she'll distract and pack away my time like shrink wrap
[F] this is shrink rap concentrate
[F] breathe deep and think back to yonder place
[F] and contemplate when Jim Platz operated
[E] and merged our minds [F] a new kind indoctrinated to Earth
[A] right there's no taming the two
[A] tidal waves caused on days when people sailing for hoots


[T] her mind is made up now there's no time to lose
[F] huh she's found her way and i'm not paving the route
[T] and whispered an offer too good to refuse
[F] now she's got my world got me dazed [E] me confused
[T] Tactics she distracts with are all that she'll use
[T] admit there's another mind greater that you


it's the paradox of life
man is day and woman night
and the powers he describes
are devoured with the light


from Watch Kulagina, released October 15, 2018


all rights reserved



206collab Sydney, Australia

Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – are shifting into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina. Inspired by Nina Kulagina, a Cold War era spy with psychokinetic powers, the 206 effortlessly consume listeners with dizzying lyricism and hypnotic beats. ... more

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