from Watch Kulagina by 206collab




they're telling you to


[J] STOP 206 is here
[J] coalescing continents exhaling atmospheres yeah
[J] STOP is what the other gods told us they
[J] tried to hold us back so felt our powers unfold

[F] and then I STOP through the crowd in the mall
[F] I see that girl from the TV she's outta control
[F] STOP freeze-frame time deviated I'm deranged
[F] face in her cleavage

[E] believe it STOP this is awkward for me
[E] your guy's eyes are on wise so take your eyes off of me
[E] don't STOP keep that mess moving
[E] smart to the game on some new thing

[F] world tour went STOP we're on a flight back thought I'd try and nap
[F] despite the fact an aisle back a child's crying quiet that I'll smack it
[F] STOP mister terrorist on the hijack
[F] trying to catch the in-flight movie guys this not about the Iraq

[E] STOP before you plug in that mic jack
[E] only feeding back noise while my feedback is hype
[E] STOP signs blur as I fly past a sign of the times
[E] much time assigned to the art

[J] I can't help it STOP I'm real drunk at the show
[J] rowdy bustling heckling from the front row
[J] then the music STOP shit now I've ruined the show
[J] the crowd's closing in ay Flip we've got to go where's the exit?


just listen to your instincts
they're telling you to


[E] STOP looking up to them gods thinking the sky is falling
[E] I’m just lifting you up above so don't
[E] STOP believing it's true 'cause once you don't then I won't
[E] your left to fall to your doom

[J] he said hey you STOP these bouncers think they got the power
[J] brutes in suits shaved gorillas paid by the hour
[J] just STOP trying to harass the Plats
[J] a simple mind trick'll fry your fuckin' synapse

[F] I'll buy this and I'll buy that STOP um I said no pickles
[F] dickshit small chips and a small coke simple
[F] STOP I don't sweat the small stuff no quibbles
[F] but I'm just so fickle

[E] STOP it all as you like and load
[E] you don't want to lose your life is this bank for dough
[E] STOP it's what they all said
[E] but 206 is on the go so if you want to stop go ahead

[J] STOP I've got the ill type flows
[J] spread the down word other rappers need to know
[J] they've got to STOP re-interrupt the Plats
[J] you'll be up shit's stream in a bottle cap

[F] ayo what is that STOP I see a cyph on the street
[F] now Flip promise just to watch emcees vibe on a beat
[F] please STOP the irony of the crime scene
[F] hip hop is their life and yet they're dying to meet me


just listen to your instincts
they're telling you to stop


from Watch Kulagina, released October 15, 2018


all rights reserved



206collab Sydney, Australia

Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – are shifting into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina. Inspired by Nina Kulagina, a Cold War era spy with psychokinetic powers, the 206 effortlessly consume listeners with dizzying lyricism and hypnotic beats. ... more

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