Pervert The Course

from Watch Kulagina by 206collab




me oh my perceive the world clearly
the 206 got more game than game theory
traversing parallel realities tweaking trends and rhythms
to fuckin' pervert the whole system

my mind’s distended twist freeways to
loops that’s never-ending for our twisted amusement
powers we’re using to make crop circles by
tracing the ozone in patterns of our choosing

our twisted vision use vicious incisions
behead competition balloon-twist their scalps
make their whole families jesters and minions
to entertain all at the 206 mansion

Marilyn Manson sickness our affliction
with powers we reverse the world
once changed a racist’s skin coloration and switched the
sewerage flow so these record execs got their shit shelved

I myself not greedy see I became
rich when I made IQ the new currency
donated half to improve social clarity and
burned through reality like eyedrops for Cyclops what


[A] pervert the course pervert the course
[A] pervert the course pervert the course
[T] yeah ah


take shit osmosis make shit mitosis
psychokinesis treats my psychosis
traffic lights raggy guy with a squeegee lined up cars
see me window wipe their glass just to spite his ass

sleazy mind at the earth's controls poised
fucked with that guy universe evolves forward
the whole ploy is out with the last like old toy
the world's not black and white nor's it flat like old coin

in old days used volcanoes served fate with earthquakes
we split up the land just to split up your fam
and these days you're seemingly ignorant that
it's your brother and sister who you're spitting at ah

legendary extract wisdom like dentistry
hence the most influential men were influenced by me
your destiny? duck for cover and hide
sent the world's men to war just to fuck with their wives

behind enemy thighs got a job at Maccy Dee's
just to spit on your fries micro calamities
macro casualties 206 cavalry
Einstein did a shitty job of understanding me what


[A] pervert the course pervert the course
[A] pervert the course pervert the course
[T] yeah ah


from Watch Kulagina, released October 15, 2018


all rights reserved



206collab Sydney, Australia

Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – are shifting into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina. Inspired by Nina Kulagina, a Cold War era spy with psychokinetic powers, the 206 effortlessly consume listeners with dizzying lyricism and hypnotic beats. ... more

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