Hit The Ground Cunning

from Watch Kulagina by 206collab




our belligerent pose
is the beginning of the end as far as history goes
from diligent to criminally brilliant to
imminently limitless scope now Kulagina has chosen

those who know the program belittle her foes
assault and battery included strings attached in tow
minions trapped by the law of averages
especially rappers but we saw her ranning things

enter the minds of the four protagonists
we're gaining momentum while you're taking a moment... um
don't fuck with the the sword of Damocles
hung over your head since we first spoke her tongue


we took a head or two bent the rules
developed to incredible then seminal
conniving define time
your world comes crashing down down


down and out you're out when we drop in the place
your aiming for the sky while we're living in outer space
we teleport dive land salute thrive
command the booth live demand a new size

forty million plus but it's only the front row
no artificial whims just hand me a halo
perverted and nurtured natural catastrophes
I'm earnest it's worth it you could never get back at me

why? 'cause my delivery's so fine
I charge for a letter what you do for a whole rhyme
the whole time our sound grows exponentially
absorbing the minds of the world's greatest entities


they flop sent to shock
meant to rock resent the pop and present the hot
we're diving here clear
deliver all the goods goods


good to go to know 206 is rocking the place
the high pace the crowd they flock to it
most dug but fuck it a few mocked the first tape
now Kulagina wipes smirks from faces

we blaze amazing soundscapes on brains of
people depraved of a new stage in music
it's been this way since Kulagina dropped down from orbit
enormous in fact the impact

made the earth shake infiltrated the web
turned viral and spread through grids and networks
making cats reach for the crucifix but it ain't
the coming of Christ just the second coming of the 206 blaow


from Watch Kulagina, released October 15, 2018


all rights reserved



206collab Sydney, Australia

Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – are shifting into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina. Inspired by Nina Kulagina, a Cold War era spy with psychokinetic powers, the 206 effortlessly consume listeners with dizzying lyricism and hypnotic beats. ... more

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