Deadly Concoction (Jacob Giles remix ft. Nick Knowledge)

from Watch Kulagina by 206collab




we're a deadly concoction operating like fiends
these minds seamed like Siamese administering rhyme schemes
combined dreams the dynamic intoxicant
no longer on the Sly like the camera in a Rocky flick

this concoction is a hatonrack accomplishment
preposterous songs you sing are conquered when doc's prescription
pencil pensively pencils in penicillin pricks
prognosis negative and shit you ain't intelligent as this

schtick through your rhyme pad 'til it bleeds
I'm the man with loose leaf rocking it since Adam and Eve
did it casually denial ain't just a river in Egypt
the deadliest remix probably best to believe it yeah


we equipped spark is lit
the concoction's deadly the melody
cause effect take a step back
relax with the sound of hatonrack


you duck and dive when we rise up like Choupu
drown out your sound when I bust out the vocals
oh yep you're hopeful but don't know shit
the only rapping done with that mouth's around dick

yeah and I'll leave you belittled
putting all you tools on ice like your name was cold chisel
my riddle will ridicule you to typical tickle you 'til
poor pitiful little is all of irritable brittle scribble

Eno's the middle man of this rap game
when mixed with beats blows minds away
aiyyo it's time to pray as we erupt fear on your crew mate
emcees standing shaking like buildings on earthquakes



stand and bare witness
to our unparalleled mix
sleek unique technique nothing short of complete
we unite to fight for those who dream

live and we breath this
no element a miss
oh a force to be reckoned with inspire and make envious
the power to stop time

and you know
oh you know
it's the perfect combination
with a touch of the divine



and I'm that former battle cat that always states the matter fact
they say home is where you hang your hat
and also where your fam is at so I put my hatonrack
and make Sydney my habitat honest conscious

I found my soul in the soul of a soul sample
but then I sold it all for nonsense
broken promises and bomb threats the congress
now they tell me I'm complex

'cause I leave them lost like maze rats and needles in haystacks
stray cats with no main map for the way back
just being honest injecting a toxin
formula 206 it's a deadly concoction


we equipped spark is lit
the concoction's deadly the melody
cause effect take a step back
relax with the sound of hatonrack


from Watch Kulagina, released October 15, 2018


all rights reserved



206collab Sydney, Australia

Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – are shifting into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina. Inspired by Nina Kulagina, a Cold War era spy with psychokinetic powers, the 206 effortlessly consume listeners with dizzying lyricism and hypnotic beats. ... more

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